‘Going to work’ means different things to different people. Some workplaces successfully adopted hybrid work models long before the pandemic, and the remote work revolution continues to be a major trend in today’s competitive job market. Today, positive employee experiences are less about onsite perks but rather focus on flexibility and work-life balance. Employees who participate in hybrid work arrangements are often happier, feel more empowered, and highly value the autonomy that hybrid working extends. They can thrive in hybrid work environments if the challenges of supporting “communication, coordination, connection, creativity, and culture” are addressed when employers formalize hybrid workplace policies.

For many organizations, adopting hybrid work arrangements could still be regarded as being in the experimental phase. Some workers prefer physical workspaces for the interpersonal relationships, collaboration, and social aspects of the experience. But for many people, the experience of living in a global pandemic created extreme distress. They feel burnt out or have been experiencing other mental health issues. These challenges have been affecting organizations at their core. Ultimately, businesses need human resources to see their businesses prosper. Securing and keeping talent is becoming more complex.

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