On behalf of your Nova Scotia Lawyers Assistance Program (NSLAP) provider, Homewood HealthTM, we are pleased to provide the following newsletter “Back to School Can Bring Big Changes and Big Worries: What to Watch for to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety“. From the newsletter:

Often as summer days are winding down, it’s common for children, teens, and young adults to feel anxious and develop apprehensiveness about the upcoming school year. As parents and caregivers, it’s essential to recognize and address signs of stress and anxiety so that they can provide support and guidance. They must show a clear path forward at a challenging time, while offering reassurance and tools to help them cope with their feelings.

Introducing positive approaches to building confidence and creating an environment that allows their children to develop a better sense of well-being, can ease their worries and encourage them to be open-minded about the upcoming academic year. In this article, we’ll offer some ideas about how stress and anxiety may present themselves and address possible reasons why they have cropped up.

If you have wellness questions, or are looking for wellness information, visit the NSLAP website at www.nslap.ca. For more information and support, along with resources and counselling with anxiety and going back to school, register with Homewood Health™  https://homeweb.ca/. Please note that NSLAP is your “company” name when you register.

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