Your insurance policy requires that you report a claim (or potential claim) to LIANS as soon as practicable after learning of it or becoming aware of circumstances that might constitute an occurrence or give rise to a claim, however unmeritorious. Furthermore, you must report that claim (or potential claim) within the policy period in which you become aware of it. These are conditions of your policy. The current policy period ends June 30, 2023.

Therefore, if you are currently aware of a claim or a potential claim, even if you believe the claim or potential claim to be without merit, you must report it by June 30, 2023.

Furthermore, you should report to your insurer when:

  • You discover a mistake which has, or may cause, the client damage. This is true even if the client has no intention of advancing a claim against you as the client may advance a claim in the future. Early claim reporting allows investigation and possible mitigation of the problem before it becomes worse or more costly.
  • You receive any threat or communication of intention to sue from a client or his or her lawyer. You should not second-guess the client’s intentions and wait for a clearer indication that the client is serious.
  • Your handling of a matter is criticized by a member of the judiciary or in a public document.
  • Another lawyer, on behalf of your former client, requests your file on a particular matter. This action should cause you to be cautious, especially if the former client’s lawyer does not give an explanation or expresses concerns about your handling of the matter.
  • A client expresses dissatisfaction with your handling of a particular matter and there is some indication the client believes he or she has suffered a loss or incurred damages.

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