In previous issues of LIANSwers we noted our concerns with lawyers notarizing and commissioning materials prepared by sovereign citizens, also known as Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) litigants.

We can now refer you to two recent decisions of the NS Supreme Court in actions where we were seeing these filings, Winkelmann v. Curry et al, 2022 NSSC 396 and Perry v. White et al., Hfx. No. 528571 (unreported). The Court in Perry referred to the decision in Winkelmann.

Ultimately, the actions commenced by Winkelmann and Perry were dismissed, the respective Courts concluding that the numerous actions they were bringing were spurious, vexatious, an abuse of process and collateral attacks on other court proceedings and decisions. In particular, both Courts noted that the plaintiffs were filing actions against participants in other lawsuits (including opposing counsel and judges) that had outcomes they disagreed with.

In both cases, the Court concluded that they should be a prohibited, along with any spokesperson, agent or associate of them, from filing any process whatsoever including, but not limited to, any action, application or motion in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court without leave of the Court.