LIANS’ new website and member portal have launched. Our address is the same – – but the look and functionality are new.

Our redesign will continue to provide you with our resources, news and information but in a more user-friendly format compatible to both desktop and mobile devices. And be sure check out the NSLAP website’s new look at

There is more to our redesign than just appearances.

With this update, you will be required to log in to submit an online claim report and review your mandatory insurance policy which will now be posted to the site. LIANS Board and Committee members will now access their meeting materials by logging in as well.

The reason we moved our online claim report behind the login is because we have been seeing an increase in online submissions by individuals imitating lawyers – imitating you – but not disclosing who they really are and alleging things against lawyers and others with whom they have no relationship and for lack of any other reason, do not like or disagree with. These matters are nonsense but they do take up our time.

Non-lawyers will still be able to report a claim against a lawyer. However, they will not be able to submit our online claim report. Rather, their process will be to use a designated email form that requires the submitter’s name, email address and contact information. If the person’s full contact information is not provided when making the submission, we will not respond to it. We will not accept claim reports from insured lawyers via this link – you will have to provide the usual online report

To create your login, click the Member Login link at the top centre of any webpage, enter your name, the email address associated with your NSBS Membership Account and your Member Number. Your account will be activated as soon as your information is verified by our staff. This verification process will eliminate instances of imposters attempting to use the online system.

Note: For assistance in submitting a claim report, you may still contact any of our Claims Counsel directly, or call using our automated directory 902 423 1300.