Module Four: Working with Land Registered Parcels

The key to understanding and changing a parcel register is good title searching skills, the same skills covered in the first section of this training. Title searching skills are essential for you to understand a parcel register, to advise your client properly, and to decide what changes need to be made to the parcel register.

The skills covered in this section have become proportionally more important as more and more properties are converted to LRA; the majority of transactions now take place on parcels already “in the system”. As the legislation and practices have changed since 2003, there are increased instances in which we find parcels with “old rules done right” or in which new information (e.g. new or updated survey fabric) comes to light. These can require modification not only of the parcel owned or to be owned by your client, but also to others which “do not match” or are otherwise inconsistent with the current environment.

Learning Objective(s)

To understand:

  1. What information is available in a parcel register and the responsibilities associated with making changes to it.
  2. The steps required in reviewing the Parcel Register prior to making changes.
  3. How to revise the parcel register
  4. How to record and remove an interest
  5. The steps for rectifying a Parcel Register
  6. The possible changes needed when deal with subdivisions
  7. How the parcel register for Condominiums is different than for other land registered parcels and how changes are made to them
  8. When to search Judgments and when and how they need to be placed in the parcel register
  9. The meaning terms associated with parcel registers and filing procedures for changes
  10. When and what forms are required to make various changes to parcel registers.