The following standards as prepared by the Professional Standards (Family Law) Committee, were, unless otherwise indicated, approved by the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Council on March 25, 2011.   

For full detail on the mandate of the Committee, as well as the nature and scope of its work, please be sure to read the Introduction from the former chair of the Professional Standards (Family Law) Committee (then D. Timothy Gabriel KC, now The Honourable Judge Timothy Gabriel). The Introduction explains how to read and use the standards and identifies some of the key areas with respect to which feedback from the membership was originally sought.

These resources are not intended to be exhaustive. They should not preclude or replace your own research and are not a substitute for exercising your professional judgment. These standards cannot address every situation which might arise in practising family law.

One resource that family law practitioners may wish to access, or may wish their clients to access is

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If Members have suggestions of resources, cases or articles of interest that they think might be applicable to the Standards, or if they have any other comments or questions, they are encouraged to contact the Committee, by emailing [email protected]

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