Many lawyers are now using laptops as their primary computer in their practice. Laptops are great, in that they enable lawyers to work remotely, and from almost any location. However, because they are so portable, they are easily lost or stolen.

To protect yourself from losing your laptop or having it stolen, consider the following measures:

  • Do not leave laptop unattended; do not check it as luggage; watch it carefully as it is passed through any x-ray devices.
  • Do not leave laptop or other devices in your car, if at all possible; if you must leave it in the car, place it in the trunk before you arrive at your destination; keep your car locked at all times.
  • If you are not going directly home, consider whether you really need to take your laptop home with you.
  • Physically secure laptops with a lock and store in a locked file room or cabinet if you are leaving it in your office overnight.
  • During the day use a lock to secure your laptop to your desk.
  • If leaving your laptop in your hotel room, store it in your in-room safe.