The Committee has developed these resources as tools to support the day to day practice of the real estate practitioner. Although the resources are the result of a careful consideration of each area of the law covered, these are guides only and are not intended to create or replace a standard. Each practitioner must use his or her own professional judgment when using the resources. An attempt has been made to be comprehensive, but the resources are not exhaustive, nor are they intended to impose mandatory guidelines for practice in any of the areas covered. In many cases, it will not be necessary to carry out all of the activities outlined in the resources; in other cases, alternative procedures may be more appropriate. The resources are intended primarily to assist in the organization of a matter and to suggest things that a lawyer should consider. You may find it useful to customize some of the resources for use in your particular area of practice.

Purchaser Checklist

Vendor Checklist

Title Insurance Letter (sample letter to clients)

Undertakings Letter

Real Estate Purchase – Single Family Home (client letter)

Real Estate Purchase – Mobile Home (client letter)